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your love story

Your wedding is a unique reflection of you. That’s why we love getting to know you personally so we can tell your story beautifully. Sharing all your wedding dreams and details helps us create authentic, meaningful images that reflect the true you. Your unguarded moments. Your natural emotions. All the cherished images of your very special day.


Our shooting style is quietly unobtrusive, and our images naturally reveal the expressions of love and commitment that you both share. This is our passion. The heart of what we do; it shines through in every image.


Your wedding day will be filled with extraordinary moments; intimate, surprising and joyous. Those fleeting moments, captured creatively, are the timeless visual heirlooms that will instantly bring you back to the essence of your wedding day.


Let us tell your love story.

Ring detail shot with scrabble tiles from Calgary Wedding
Nikki Ilett
Our History

Nicole-Lynn Photography opened in 2010 by a mother-daughter team Nikki Ilett & Becky Elliott. Becky’s lifelong passion for photography was inherited by Nikki and in 2010 they followed their dreams, opening Nicole-Lynn Photography.


Beginning with families & newborns, the goal was to help families remember milestones in their lives, enjoying each other's company and giving their clients the gift of photography. Their focus is on people, the interactions people share & the true love that people have for one another.

Their passion for portraits quickly expanded into the world of wedding & engagement photography. There was something truly special about witnessing a couple on their special day & capturing all of the moments and details throughout the day. It is a feeling and joy that

cannot be duplicated.

Becky Elliott
Becky Elliott - Photographer at Nicole-Lynn Photography

Nikki Ilett is the owner of Nicole-Lynn Photography. She has a passion for capturing all of life’s treasured memories through photography and strives to see life through the eyes of her clients. Nikki’s passion for photography has taken her from inside the studio into the lives of her clients, allowing her to develop an eye for creating unique and innovative portraits in her client’s personal settings.


With over 10 years of experience both in studio and outdoor photography, she specializes in portraiture. When she isn’t behind her desk or meeting with clients, Nikki is also a designated accountant and works as a Chief Financial Officer. Although it is a completely different field from the creative one of photography, it offers a balance for both of her true career loves; her calculator & her camera.


Through every aspect of her life she loves to be surrounded by people and being inspired by the people she meets.

Becky Elliott is a photographer with Nicole-Lynn Photography. She has an eye for details and capturing candid moments. Becky’s love of photography has blossomed for over 30 years. She has always loved photography, being able to document the lives of family and friends, favorite places and special things in her garden (which we sometimes use as a backdrop). So many moments are fleeting and wonderful when captured by the camera.


Through a transition from film to digital she combines all of her expertise to create beautiful portraits. Photography has always been a passion for Becky.


Aside from photography, Becky has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. Currently Becky also works as a Patient Care Manager at the Rocky View General Hospital. Her nursing experience gives her a special calming & empathetic nature with our clients. This helps create the perfect environment for capturing those sweet intimate moments.

Nikki Ilett - Owner of Nicole-Lynn Photography
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